Distributed energy resources

DNV offers government agencies, utilities and manaufacturers unique insight and support on integrating DERs into future grid designs.

Distributed generation has always had great potential for energy independence, network reliability and cost reduction. Now new technologies like solar cells, electrical and thermal energy storage, fuel cells and advanced demand-response systems make cleaner energy production possible as well. But integrating these technologies into grid designs means siting energy devices closer to the ‘edge of the grid,’ which brings unique new challenges.

Calling on a long history of working with these technologies in sales, deployment and modelling, DNV has the experience and know-how to help you realise your distributed energy resource (DER) projects with the minimum hassle. Our proprietary models offer unique perspectives and the means to extract maximum benefits from the application.

Typical services

  • Technology assessments
  • Market assessments
  • Economic modelling of end-use applications, tool creation
  • Distribution impact analysis
    • Assess network impacts (cost/benefits) of DER
    • Integrated Hybrid Energy Resource Optimizer (HERO) and Microgrid Optimizer (MGO) analysis to co-optimize customer and utility benefits
  • Incentive design
    • Design DER incentive programmes to encourage beneficial adoption for utilities or regulators
    • Assess storage ability to perform stacked benefit applications
  • Production costing and capacity expansion impact analysis
    • Assess market impacts of DER adoption
    • Impact of DER adoption on capacity expansion planning