Development accompanying assessment for wind turbines

Integrating development, design and certification cuts time-to-market and boosts product quality for wind turbines.

Getting to market fast with a high-quality product can be the difference between business success and failure. For wind turbines, certification is the key to ensuring product quality. But many manufacturers underestimate the time required for certification – which can delay their market entry.

Improving turbine quality and time-to-market
DNV’s Development Accompanying Assessment (DAA) helps you avoid those delays. It integrates certification into the design phase – so development, design and certification activities can go on in parallel. Built in close cooperation between us and you, the DAA approach helps you improve time-to-market and product quality.

An integrated approach
The DAA approach integrates development, design and certification activities. You can submit your concept and design studies, calculations and documentation to us at any time. And we will supply you with feedback on functionality and compliance with all relevant guidelines and standards. This ensures you have the necessary insight to highlight and solve technical issues earlier in the design phase. As a result, you can dramatically shorten the entire certification process.

The benefits of DAA

  • Reduces certification time by up to 50%
  • Significantly cuts time-to-market for new wind turbines or re-designs
  • Enables better quality final products
  • Improved cost control – no last minute surprises in assessment
  • Assessment carried out in parallel with development
  • Assessment results can be implemented during development phase
  • Enables developments of more technically mature and competitive wind turbines
  • Provides valuable insight for turbine designer at multiple points in development phase
  • Close liaison between DNV and turbine designer / manufacturer enhances product
  • Straight forward certification through continuous assessment

Development accompanying assessment diagram 1

Development accompanying assessment diagram 2

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