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DER Interconnection studies for utilities and customers

DER Interconnection studies can be time-consuming for utilities and complex for customers requesting interconnection, so DNV provides support at every level

With the growth of solar generation and battery energy storage systems (BESS), both utilities and customers are increasingly having to prepare analyses and reports related to new grid interconnections. This can be a challenge, requiring considerable time as well as knowledge of technical software packages. Many aspects are particularly demanding for non-specialists such as understanding utility reports and validating study results.

No matter which side of the meter you are on, DNV can help. With our comprehensive services for both utilities and customers, we can provide interconnection studies at every level of distribution and regardless of the distribution modelling software in use. Our experts can support you in preparing applications and studies, along with single line diagrams and applicable model data. If required, we can also help you with mitigation recommendations and cost estimation.

Meeting a wide range of needs
Our services are particularly applicable for solar installations of one to ten MW, with or without accompanying BESS. We are also able to support DER interconnection studies for small-scale tidal generation.