Data management maturity self-assessment

Find out how well your organization manages and uses data.

To support our clients’ data management proficiency, DNV has created an online self-assessment tool. The assessment takes approximately 10 minutes and is designed to rate your organization’s data management maturity level.

The assessment is a minimal, swift version of the full maturity assessment offered by DNV as a stand-alone service. It covers the major topics of data management, such as:

  • processes,
  • tools,
  • standards and
  • governance,

and is a starting point for deeper consideration of a company’s data value creation.

An organization’s ability to create value from data lies not only in the quality of the data, but equally in how good data is managed throughout the company.

The maturity description is both a convenient measure for how well an organization can respond to unwanted events as well as a means of setting goals and creating the roadmap to close any gaps between the actual and required situation.

Start the data management maturity self-assessment now via My DNV. Log in or register quickly to get started.

Good to know: DNV has expanded its portfolio of services to include services for data quality and company data maturity assessments. This spans from analyzing and detecting erroneous data and the underlying reasons why the data is corrupted, to supporting a company’s data management improvement.