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Control algorithm design for wind farms

Global control algorithm design services for onshore and offshore wind farms help you deliver the most cost-competitive generation devices possible.

Control algorithms are an essential part of today’s renewable energy generation devices. They allow the device’s energy output to be optimized for changing local conditions, making energy production much more cost efficient. 

As renewable energy devices become larger and more sophisticated, designing effective control algorithms becomes more complex – but we can support you all the way through the process from design to commissioning. In addition to designing your control algorithm, we put a strong emphasis on technology transfer and training – empowering you to build and maintain effective control algorithms.

Range of services
You can call on us for support in any aspect of control algorithm design, including the design of the algorithm itself. We can build a model of your device and design algorithms to control all relevant device parameters in an integrated manner, with loads and fault analysis. You receive a full report along with bespoke training and support in on-site commissioning.

If you are looking to improve an existing generation device – for example by increasing the blade size of a wind turbine – we can carry out a feasibility study for you. This will help you see what changes can be made to get the best out of your device. The study will suggest new and advanced features that could improve performance, cut the cost of energy or allow your device to be used in different locations. 

Wind, solar and marine
Whatever renewable energy source you work with, you’ll find all the design tools, expertise and capabilities you need at DNV. Our aim is to help you deliver the most cost-competitive device possible for your chosen technology. Our focus includes:

  • Onshore and offshore wind
    • Integrated algorithms to control pitch and torque according to factors such as wind speed, turbulence, etc.
    • Level of sophistication tailored to the specific turbine and application
    • Failure tolerant to reduce need to access turbine after unexpected events
    • Condition monitoring by tracking thousands of parameters
    • Sensitive enough to detect changes in scour
    • LiDAR-based systems to predict extreme short-term wind characteristics
  • Solar
    • Control system
    • Implementation review
  • Tidal
    • Tailor-made algorithms to account for differences in pitch, rotation etc.

A trusted global partner
From offices in the UK and China, our control algorithm design experts offer a global service. We have delivered control algorithm services for customers around the world, so you have the peace of mind of working with a partner you know you can rely on. We understand and build software for a wide range of platforms. Drawing on the extensive energy know-how across DNV, we take a broader view encompassing aspects such as energy production and reliability.

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