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Construction planning (O2C) for offshore wind farms

Offshore wind farm construction planning helps you take effective decisions early for optimal and efficient marine operations.

Wind farms are being built further and further offshore, using bigger turbines and new foundation technologies. Despite these new challenges, projects need to get things right first time. Hence it is crucial to have plans that can deal with the latest challenges and ensure cost-effective decision making during construction and efficient marine operations.

Just like the wind farm industry, we are always pushing into new ground with our Construction planning service. The service includes our proven O2C tool and accurate construction modelling. It provides a platform to assess new concepts before going offshore, and optimize installation and logistics.

This allows project planning at a very early stage so you can make key decisions with confidence. Hence you can, for example, optimize on-site work by contractors, minimizing both time spent offshore and risk. Furthermore we help you identify suitable contingency budgets for risks that cannot be 100% mitigated.

Construction modelling service
We discuss with you exactly what you wish to achieve in your planning and where and how we can help you, from concept selection to developing Capex or contingency budgets. We then undertake the modelling and supply all the results. Via the GUI, you can adjust the model to reflect different cost assumptions, review the different concepts see how they impact on project timeline and costs.

Proven O2C tool
Because every wind farm built to date is different, more challenging than the last, our O2C tool has been developed over many years to meet your changing needs. Working in partnership with you – our experts help you adapt the tool to your internal requirements, processes, databases and procedures. We provide full training on using the tool.

Global legacy
Our experienced teams are ready to help you anywhere in the world. We have been developing the O2C tool since 2007. It combines the legacy of both GL Garrad Hassan O2C and DNV KEMA VCA tools, integrating them into a single tool. You can choose the level of service that suits you: we can do everything for you or provide you with the tool plus training on how to use and adapt it for your needs – a unique option in the industry.

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