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DNV’s feasibility services, and realisation and operational support cover your biomass co-firing project needs.

Biomass co-firing in large utility boilers is one of the most cost effective ways to generate sustainable electricity. By using fuels such as wood chips or wood pellets, it combines profitable business with the rewarding benefits of sustainability. Authorities in many countries are actively supporting biomass co-firing – to increase its share in power generation and decrease carbon footprint in the coming years.

Our team can execute techno-economic feasibility studies on your biomass co-firing project, and much more besides. For example you can also take advantage of DNV’s realisation and operational support.

Topics in our studies include biomass sourcing, biomass handling and storage, boiler and combustion aspects, impact on flue gas cleaning and by-products, as well as permitting aspects. We carry out the work both on- and off-site. Typical deliverables are reports that can be used for permitting and financing. They can also help with process and technology verification, so you gain confidence in your development activities.

A proven partner
Our independent trusted services are based on ample experience – some 25 years – in biomass co-firing projects. With teams of experts able to call on know-how from around the globe, we can offer you complete and tailored services to fit your particular requirements.