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CDP and other corporate GHG emissions inventory verification services

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Growing expectations from customers around the management and reporting of corporate responsibility issues such as greenhouse gas emissions can create barriers to accessing your marketplace.

You should accurately and effectively communicate your performance along with the systems and controls you have in place for managing GHG data.

Corporate GHG Emissions Inventory Verification is recommended by many standard setters, such as CDP and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and in some instances, is required by regional regulatory bodies such as the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and in British Columbia. 

Third-party verification can provide stakeholders with confidence that publicly disclosed information is complete, balanced, and accurate, and position your organization to meet regulatory requirements. It can also demonstrate corporate leadership and significantly improve your score in public sustainability assessments such as CDP’s Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). 

We can provide third-party verification of your corporate GHG inventory— in conjunction with your sustainability report assurance or as a standalone verification process—under:

  • DNV’s Verification Protocol for Sustainability Reporting (see CDP Accepted Standards)
  • Through a consistent, transparent, and rigorous process, our experts will identify areas for improvement to make your GHG reporting processes more efficient and effective. 

Overview of GHG verification process:
  1. Facilitate kick-off meeting for Customer and DNV verification team introduction and agreement on scope, boundary, reporting period, level of assurance, objectives, criteria, materiality threshold, and site visit(s). Provide initial information request.
  2. Develop risk analysis, verification plan, evidence-gathering plan, and further information request.
  3. Review GHG data and information and GHG management system, and conduct site visit(s) if required.
  4. Issue findings log with identified clarifications and corrective actions.
  5. Prepare assurance statement (opinion) and verification report.
  6. Conduct independent review of assurance statement and verification report.
  7. Issue assurance statement and verification report.

DNV is accredited and experienced in conducting GHG verification across various sectors, including:

·       General

o   Public administration, education, transport, storage and communications, information technology, state and local government

·       Manufacturing

o   Food products, household goods, textiles, wood products, pulp and paper, basic metals and fabricated metal products, electrical equipment, machinery and equipment, electrical and optical equipment, aerospace, medical devices, rubber and plastic products

·       Power and generation

o   Combustion of natural gas or coal, transmission and distribution

·       Mining and mineral production

o   Cement production, lime production, glass production, coal, other process uses of carbonates

·       Metals production

o   Aluminum, ferroalloy, iron, steel, lead, magnesium, zinc

·       Chemical production

o   Adipic acid production, ammonia production, nitric acid production, caprolactam, glyoxal and glyoxylic acid production, carbide production, titanium dioxide production, soda ash production, fluorochemical production

·       Oil and gas extraction, production and refining including petrochemicals

o   Oil and natural gas production, pipelines, and specialty organic chemical production, refining

·       Waste

o   Municipal and industrial landfills, manure management systems, wastewater

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