ESG maturity

Delivering on Sustainability Goals

With a vast amount of regulation and stakeholder expectations coming to companies all over Europe, the immediate reaction of many decision makers is to dive into what to report on, how to get the data into a verifiable format and quality to avoid suspicion of green washing, or to look into green or sustainability- related product claims that need to hold up in the court of public scrutiny.

ESG is more than accounting

The above actions are valid and any company wishing to stay safe in providing stakeholders with the information they require should seriously investigate these aspects. And take control of them.

However, these are not one-off activities for you, your sustainability leaders and teams across your organization, or your supply chain. You are required to build your teams and processes in a way that allows you to assess and communicate safely every day – internally as well as externally.

What does it take?

Building your sustainability organization is not easy and you might want to take a view from the top:

  • Are responsibilities clear (from the Board down to the “shop floor”)?
  • Are all expectations, standards and best practices identified? Do you live up to these expectations?
  • Are your organizational policies aligned to your strategy? Do you have clear processes in place to guide all parts of your organization in execution?
  • Can you defend your strategy and actions if you are criticized?

How DNV can support you

We have developed a robust approach to take your “ESG temperature” that helps you identify the gaps in your systematic approach to define and deliver internally and externally.

Based on our experience with a wide range of companies – big and small – across industries, our approach enables you to define and plan your roadmap and next steps, anchor sustainability in all levels of your organization and to take control of your sustainability journey.

Let’s engage and join forces to bring ESG to life in your company.


How mature is your ESG approach?

Integrating your ESG Roadmap to bring ESG to Life! through your strategy delivery and organizational development