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Cascade - Mobile

Cascade capabilities made mobile

Cascade Mobile: Deploy your utility asset management strategy on the go and in the field

Cascade Mobile extends the power of Cascade Asset Management software to the field for use by your traveling workforce. The modern and secure app operates in connected or disconnected environments to provide users with ongoing access to critical equipment information and needed functionality to complete time-based or condition-based maintenance and inspections. 

Works with Cascade v4 or higher – available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Why Cascade Mobile?

Utilities require the ability to capture performance data and access asset-critical information in the field to make well-informed decisions about repairs and replacements.  Designed and developed with input and ongoing collaboration from customers, Cascade Mobile is the tool of choice for remote workers, providing critical functionality for efficient fieldwork, data collection, and improved asset management. 

Whether you need to perform inspections, complete maintenance work, access historical data, monitor performance, or update records Cascade Mobile has you covered.

What does Cascade Mobile provide?

Cascade Mobile extends the capabilities of Cascade Asset Management software to the field for people working remotely from the office.  It provides on-going access to asset specifications and the ability to perform inspections, document and complete maintenance work, and manage asset records in connected or disconnected environments using their preferred mobile system platform (iOS, Android, or Windows).

  • Flexibility to choose a preferred platform
    • iOS, Android, and Windows supported
  • Reducing IT management costs from streamlined deployment: 
    • “One click” user-initiated software installs – install it directly from an app store or corporate MDM/MAM platform.
  • Improved portability
    • Tablets offer a benefits of lighter weight, smaller form factors for traveling and remote work. 
  • Application Performance
    • New architecture advances performance – faster syncing of data and performant UI.
  • UX/UI simplicity and intuitiveness
    • Cascade Mobile is developed with modern UI components and streamlined workflows for field users.
  • Simplified architecture
    • No longer any requirement for Inspection Program Manager (IPM), MSMQ or Mobilink.
  • Available when disconnected
    • Complete work in environments without an internet connection
  • New features/functions 
    • New product lifecycle – new feature and product capabilities can be added without increasing technical debt load
  • New commercial choices
    • SaaS subscription
    • Perpetual licensing
  • Future Proof
    • Cascade Mobile is free of technical limitation, can adjust to changing needs from the customer due to its architectural makeup
  • Ease of Updates
    • Easy to propagate new releases and bug fixes to customer sites
  • Minimal Training Impact
    • Familiar workflow approach (for existing customers) minimizes the effort to retrain staff

Users can expect:

  • Seamless integration with Cascade asset performance management solution
  • Modern user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation 
  • Broad offline functionality  
  • Secure and reliable access to data saved on their device
  • Dependable and efficient synchronization to/from their device and Cascade


Core feature set used by people in the field:

Perform Patrol inspections

  • Work off-line or online
  • Full start to end inspections workflow functionality
  • Track inspection completion progress 
  • Add photos and comments
  • View historical readings
  • Generate follow-up alerts and new maintenance orders
  • And more

Manage Assets

  • Work off-line or online
  • Edit asset attributes (i.e. fix/update incorrect nameplate information)
  • Review open maintenance orders and maintenance history
  • Add comments, photos, and attachments
  • Create a new asset record
  • And more

Complete Maintenance Orders

  • Work off-line or online
  • Start to close end-to-end management of maintenance orders
  • Update maintenance order details
  • View supporting information including maintenance procedures, tools, related work, and asset history
  • Add photos, comments and attachments
  • Enter and track time of work completed
  • And more

Manager User Alerts

  • Work off-line or online
  • View alert details - who it was sent to, why it was created, what asset it applies to, and required actions
  • Acknowledge and close an alert
  • Apply and a comment to an alert
  • Create a new maintenance order from the alert
  • Navigate directly to associated information about the asset, location, or maintenance order
  • Create new alerts for potential issues found in the field
  • And more

User authentication and authorization

User access to the app and authorization to use different features in Cascade Mobile is managed by a Cascade administrator(s). 

Cascade Administrator can configure and apply:

  • Who has access to the Cascade Mobile app
  • What actions a user can perform with the Cascade Mobile app 
  • What data the user can view and edit. For example, allow viewing only (no editing) of only power transformers and breakers located in specific locations

User authentication is supported through a customer’s preferred Open ID Connect (OIDC) compliant authentication service. For hosted deployments of Cascade and Cascade Mobile use DNV’s authentication service Veracity.

Additional Considerations for Cascade Mobile software

Recommended hardware

For iOS 

  • 9th or 10th generation iPad running OS version 16  
  • iPad Pro running on OS version 16

For Android 

  • Android tablet running OS version 13
  • Minimum screen size of 10 inches

For Windows

  • PC running Windows 10


  • ISO 27001 certified development process
  • Static Content Analysis (SCA) and SAST (Static Application Security Testing) on all components using Veracode 
  • Threat modeling and analysis
  • End to end data encryption at rest and encryption in transit 
  • Open ID Connect (OIDC) identity services for authentication 

For DNV hosted implementations of Cascade:

  • Microsoft Azure cloud services 
  • Azure Policies and configuration standards applied
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Azure AD integration, managed identities, container registry & secrets management
  • Webapp Fire Wall, DDoS protection, network security, Role-based access control
  • Live, web-app container scanning for common vulnerabilities & exposures (CVEs)

Cascade Mobile is the ultimate asset management app for the modern world.  

Request a demo, tech specifications brief, pricing or more here.

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