Carbon emission reduction

DNV carbon management services help you formulate & communicate goals, monitor & report results, and support emission reduction evaluation processes

How do you monitor and report your carbon emissions? What are your goals? With increasing demands on companies to reduce emissions and demonstrate their social and environmental responsibility, we can assist you with questions like these.

As an industrial emitter, you will be well aware that carbon emission reduction is a global challenge and a focus point for international policy. At the same time, reducing dependency on fossil fuels can be important for the long-term sustainability of your production.

Services and expertise
Whatever your situation, our specialists understand the business, economic and technical issues, and how they impact on each other. So they can assist you in a variety of ways: setting goals, satisfying legal obligations, realising your ambitions, selecting appropriate measures, critically evaluating business options, and developing scenarios to identify future sensitivities.

Based on our mix of expert knowledge, extensive experience and creative capacities, we can tailor this support to your specific needs. We have extensive knowledge of economic and business drivers such as the European Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS3), and can advise you on tools and options such as energy efficiency plans, life cycle analysis, carbon footprinting and bio-based production chains.

In short, we provide comprehensive assistance in formulating and communicating your ambitions, and in monitoring and reporting results, as well as in the practical emission reduction evaluation process.