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BRZO scan for Seveso III compliance on hazardous substance storage


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Comprehensive services from experts give you an overview of your BZRO status, with recommendations to ensure and achieve compliance.

The Seveso III European regulation came into effect on 1 June 2015. Later that year it was translated into the Dutch decree on Companies with Risks of Major Accidents (BRZO). Among the most important changes are new classification and threshold values for hazardous substances.

Under the new regulations, companies that use specific, dangerous substances must carry out a BRZO status check by 1 June 2016,  and you may be required to provide additional documentation to the authorities to become compliant.  So, are you ready? And what do you need to do to achieve and prove your compliance?

Confirm your BRZO status
DNV’s BRZO scan services can help you make sure you meet all your obligations to the authorities, and give you the confidence of knowing you are in full compliance with the new and existing requirements. What’s more, proof of your compliance can have a big impact on your company’s reputation, with customers, stakeholders, public entities and more.

Our senior experts can provide you with the following services:

  • An inventory of your hazardous substances in permits
  • An overview comparing your inventory and the Seveso III directive
  • Conclusions on the possible consequences to you
  • Preparing the necessary documents relating to your obligations to the authorities
  • A gap analysis clearly indicating where you need to take action, with advice on actions you can take to close the gaps. 

Reliable experience, at work for you
With a long history in compliance and industry, as well as 20 years in permitting procedures, DNV has both the expertise and the resources to provide you with these services quickly and efficiently. Our senior experts are well informed on legislation, and we are familiar with both the specific installations and the practical consequences.

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