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Biomass co-firing services

Co-firing biomass can deliver significant cost savings. It can also increase the share of renewables in your power production portfolio.

Under the right economic conditions, co-firing biomass is an effective way to reduce your operating costs. We can help you assess the potential benefits for your plant(s) through a proven co-firing assessment methodology that allows you to understand both the short- and long-term implications of using biomass.

This methodology draws on 20 years’ hands-on experience of direct and indirect co-firing of various biomass fuels. During this time we have been involved in over 50 small and full-scale trials, with mixtures of coal and biomass at up to 30% of the overall volume of fuel.

Besides conducting feasibility studies, we can support you in actual implementation of co-fired installations based on the results of these studies.

Key benefits

  • Profitable option where right subsidy conditions exist:
    • Savings of up to 50 million Euros for full conversion
    • 2-10 million Euros for a 20% biomass co-firing
  • Increased share of renewables in your power production portfolio
  • Flexible and dispatchable renewable power
  • Can offer older coal fired units a new “license to operate”
  • Highly competitive MWh / Euro return compared to other renewable sources