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Asset management for solar power

Asset management for solar

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Smitty Ovitt

Smitty Ovitt

Principal Consultant - Solar Business Development

Outsourced management of solar power plants enables smarter operations to help you maximize energy production, minimize downtime and reduce costs.

For photovoltaic (PV) power plant operators, having a trusted and independent third-party overseeing and measuring your operations can be invaluable. It verifies and adds credibility to your contractual availability calculations. And it helps you take a broader view of your operations as a whole.

Optimized PV plant operation
Our Asset management services for solar energy give you that independent perspective. It’s a fully outsourced solution: you delegate the management of the entire plant to us. We deal with all the technical and administrative aspects of the plant including verification of contractual obligations. In addition, we manage relationships between your plant and any outside parties that may impact your operations, such as grid operators or local farmers.

In managing your plant, we use our Operations control room. This enables around-the-clock access to information and smarter operations. As a result, we can help you:

  • Maximize energy production
  • Minimize downtime
  • Reduce lifecycle operations and maintenance costs

Our expertise working for you
Through our Asset management service, you gain all the expertise and technical knowledge of our global team of experts. Their know-how covers all aspects of solar power and PV plant operations. They have built up an unrivalled track record monitoring and managing solar projects around the world.

Working in your name, they strive to find the right solutions for your plant – planning as far ahead as possible to minimize the impact of any works. They can help you see the bigger picture, allowing you to optimize your operations for the long haul.

Contact us:

Smitty Ovitt

Smitty Ovitt

Principal Consultant - Solar Business Development

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