Assessment of recycling yards

We deliver feasibility studies, technology qualification and in-depth analysis of the real-life use of compliance solutions.

With the IMO Hong Kong Convention not yet in force, strict enforcement of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) and the EU Waste Shipment Regulation (EU WSR) means shipowners must carefully plan for the end of life of their vessels and select a recycling yard that is working according to certain standards. Possible consequences of non-compliance include significant financial penalties, even criminal offences and a loss of reputation.

Based on our longstanding experience in safe and environmentally sound ship recycling, DNV has developed a proven assessment tool to benchmark and monitor the capability and performance of ship recycling facilities. The assessment tool is a systematic protocol providing comments, rankings, findings and recommendations for all elements and activities at a recycling facility within an agreed scope.

With the help of this tool, DNV is conducting ship recycling yard assessments on behalf of shipowners and managers, especially for yards, that are not featured on the European List.

DNV’s ship recycling facility assessment service supports:

  • owners in assessing several yards;
  • and advocates improvement of standards for ship recycling in a project;
  • owners and managers in adapting and complying with existing and emerging recycling regulation;
  • and advices authorities and other stakeholders addressing responsible recycling of vessels.

Benefit from our long-term experience 

  • Take informed decisions on a recycling strategy
  • Rest assure all relevant aspects in selecting a responsible and compliant recycling yard are covered
  • Get a reliable overview of what you as a shipowner can expect the selected recycling yard to perform
  • Void penalties and reputational losses
  • Make sure your vessels are well prepared for smooth recycling certification

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