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Group Research and Development


Footprint documentation and management for F&B products and their supply chains

This research area focuses on sustainability assessment and reporting, enabled by digital technologies, for food and beverage companies, products, and supply chains.

Transitioning towards sustainability

Product and corporate sustainability are crucial to shaping long-term winner companies that can access and make the most of public and private investment. The food and beverage sector has begun its transition to include sustainability in company practices and operations and to improve its production, logistics, and consumption model. New sustainability requirements are being set and regulations are expected to become more stringent and specific over time. Furthermore, consumer choices are increasingly guided by the environmental and social impacts of food which are seen as adding value to products. Safe, healthy, affordable, and sustainable food is what consumers are looking for.

To drive the F&B sector in this transition, standardized, reliable, and comprehensive guidance and methodologies to address sustainability at company level must be created. A key factor to accomplish this, and give new value to enterprise data and assets, is the use of digital technologies that collect, generate, validate, verify, analyse, and display data progressively and in real time for footprint documentation and management purposes.

We take charge of this necessity, affirm the role of digital assurance in tackling the current transition, and provide the trust that companies need when dealing with sustainability. This research area focuses on the clear definition, measurement, verification, and validation, driven by digital technologies, of the sustainability of a product, a company, or a supply chain in the F&B sector.