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Value of Digital Assurance

Digital transformation as well as other global transformations are affecting our customers, the industries we work in as well as us as a company. Specifically, digital transformation of industries and emergence of new technologies are disrupting the traditional means of delivery of assurance, certification and advisory services. This ultimately affects what is valuable for our customers and the roles we take creating a triple source of ambiguity for DNV; understanding the transformation of working processes, how DNV creates value and what are the potential changes in the way DNV works and the existing roles it has.

Big picture framework


It is challenging to have an overview and understand all the details of how digital transformation is affecting our every activity. In this project, we will take a big picture view and extract the implications for our activities and in particular the impact on our established roles and how these could be affected tomorrow. This project will generate insights that help guide our colleagues in making sense of how digital transformation is affecting our roles and value creation. It will also indicate the current and emerging positions of DNV in the digital assurance space.  

The benefits  

The digital transformation is expected to bring many benefits to industries and organizations, but the process is often at an early stage with the benefits not fully recognized. By gaining a better comprehension into the context and big picture of how our customers and industries are changing we will become recognized as a thought leader and expert in understanding digital transformation in our customers and industries. 

The outcomes will be useful for strategizing about new positions for DNV to take as well as designing new ways of capitalizing on emerging positions in established and new markets that have not been recognized yet.   

Market potential


The project should be seen as a step in creating a thought leadership product that can reduce uncertainty related to the impact of digital transformation on assurance that, in turn, can position us as a thought leader in the market. Building on our reputation for traditional assurance products, this will prove attractive to existing and new clients who are facing demands for transparency and traceability in relation to the UN SDGs.