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2021 has been a challenging year, but still we have produced more than 60 publications and 5 flagship reports. Click on the links below and read more about Energy Transition Outlook reports, Ocean future forecasts and other papers and publications.

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Energy Transition Outlook 2021

The Energy Transition Outlook is DNV’s best estimate of how the energy transition will unfold over the next 30 years, based on our independent model and real-world expertise around the world.

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Pathway to Net Zero Emissions

Our Pathway report draws on the findings from our Outlook report to answer the question: “How can the world achieve 1.5°C within the bounds of techno-economic and political feasibility?”

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Technology Progress Report – a guide to 10 key energy transition technologies

As a supplement to DNV’s main Energy Transition Outlook, the Technology Progress Report focuses on how 10 key energy transition technologies will develop, compete, and interact in the coming five years.

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Marine Aquaculture Forecast

Explore how and where marine aquaculture production will develop and meet growing demand through to 2050

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Key trends shaping the Blue Economy

This Ocean's Future to 2050 report highlights how the Blue Economy is entering a period of sectoral and geographic diversification.

Position papers produced by Research and Development in 2021

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