Despite genuine progress, the shipping industry lags behind many other industries when it comes to safety. How can the industry respond to the challenge and what tools are available to improve the industry’s safety record?

Ship safety


  • To enhance safety and security in shipping by proactive use of risk assessment and cost-benefit techniques
  • Enhance safety and security in shipping by innovation and first principle risk based design
  • Improve the knowledgebase supporting risk based and probabilistic design
  • Develop critical technologies to assess operational, extreme, accidental and catastrophic scenarios, accounting for the human element, and integrate these into a design environment
  • Develop and implement effective procedures for safe, secure and economic operation of ships and for training of personnel onboard
  • Establish a risk-based rules framework to facilitate first principles approaches to assessing safety
  • Produce prototype designs for the key European safety-critical vessels to validate the risk based design methodology and demonstrate its practicability

Tanker rescue
Tanker rescue


Bjørn-Johan Vartdal

Programme Director

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Øystein Åsheim Alnes

Principal Engineer

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