Group Research and Development

Healthcare Research partnerships

We seek collaboration and partnership with academia, scientific networks and industry stakeholders to understand and address the barriers to the clinical implementation of precision medicine, AI, and new digital technologies.


DNV is an industry partner of the EU Horizon 2020 project AI-Mind (GA nr. 964220). AI-Mind aims to reduce the burden of dementia by developing novel, AI-based tools to support healthcare professionals in predicting dementia risk, thus enabling earlier interventions for patients. DNV will deliver a guideline for legal and ethical data processing, develop a framework for data governance and management, design and implement a data model; and develop tools and methods for continuous data quality assurance.


BigMed, launched in 2017 and funded by the The Research Council of Norway, was the first major publicly funded precision medicine initiative of its kind in Norway. Hosted by Oslo University Hospital and managed by DNV, the project brought together partners from clinical organisations, academia, patient organisations, and industry to address barriers to the implementation of precision medicine and pave the way for big data analytics in healthcare.

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DNV is an industry partner of the Norwegian Research Council’s funded project CVD-MENT. The project aims to improve the disease burden in severe mental disorders with a multidisciplinary approach involving clinical trials and targeting life-style risk factors like cardiovascular diseases (CVD). DNV’s role in CVD-MENT is to provide data governance and management expertise for the data being collected and captured in these trials.


DNV is a founding partner of the Nordic Alliance for Clinical Genomics (NACG), which is an inclusive, independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit Nordic association. NACG partners collaborate and learn from each other to identify and address emerging challenges to the implementation of clinical genomics and precision medicine. The NACG aims at responsible sharing of trustworthy data for improved diagnosis and treatment, and as a resource for research.


DNV is an industry partner of the EU Horizon 2020 project Realment (GA nr. 964874). The project will use real-world data from eHealth, biobanks and national registries, integrated with clinical trial data to improve outcome of severe mental disorders. DNV will lead the task to explore expansion of the real-world data capture infrastructure.