Artificial Intelligence

Build intelligent solutions. Apply for real-world impact. Benefit customers across sectors. DNV's Artificial Intelligence (AI) research programme is based in Shanghai, leveraging China's world-leading capabilities in this emerging technology.

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Artificial Intelligence is a general purpose technology that will have a major impact on businesses and society. It is rapidly developing today, attracting interest and investment from private companies and public bodies across sectors. At the same time, governance of this new technology is emerging, and a new generation of rules and standards is needed to deliver trust in the safety and reliability of AI-based solutions, processes and results. 

DNV's AI research programme will focus on:

  • Deep learning algorithms to build computer vision technologies, applied to enhance inspection activities 
  • Concepts to provide assurance of AI-based solutions
  • Concepts to provide assurance of advanced Internet of Things (IoT) devices
Our aim is to work together with our customers in all industries we serve and to advance solutions addressing their problems. The new AI research centre will also collaborate with partners, research institutes and university departments.

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Michael Chen
Michael Chen

Head of Artificial Intelligence Centre

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