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Financing the energy transition: Have we reached the inflection point for CCUS deployment?

“Achieving a net-zero energy system by 2050 to secure a 1.5°C warming future is more difficult than ever. That does not mean we should not be aiming for that target,” as stated in DNVs Energy Transition Outlook 2023. Despite global emissions decreasing, DNV expects capturing only about 6% of remaining emissions by 2050, demonstrating the need for a significantly faster uptake of carbon capture and storage (CCUS) to get us closer to net-zero emissions. Indeed, DNVs Pathway to net-zero emissions states “Reaching net zero is virtually impossible without CCS”.

Recent policy initiatives in North America and Europe, including provisions for CCUS, have significantly boosted the CCS project pipeline. The EU ETS and other incentives are prompting European emitters to explore CO2 capture options, with projects like Porthos and Greensand gaining traction.

This panel discussion delves into the growing momentum of CCS, examining its attractiveness as an investment opportunity amidst evolving policies and increasing project developments. With contributions from Albena Vassileva, Executive Director Infrastructure IFM Investors, René van der Meer, Head of Business Development New Energy, Neptune Energy Netherlands, Jamie Burrows, Head of CCUS Venture, DNV and moderator Martijn Maandag, Director Due Diligence, DNV.

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