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Scaling hydrogen and power-to-x safely

A net zero future requires hydrogen at scale

The large-scale production, transport, storage and utilization of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels such as ammonia and methanol is essential on the pathway to net zero and a clean energy future as highlighted in DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook. Many hydrogen and Power-to-X (PtX) pilot projects are ongoing all over the world. Now we need to scale up safely and realize commercial projects for a real impact on emissions, energy- and food security. 

DNV’s experience with technical assurance and involvement in over 350 Hydrogen and PtX projects during the last decades, has put us in a unique position to help our customers scale up safely. Our services cover the entire energy value chain. We provide assurance and manage risks, advance safety and sustainable performance, set industry benchmarks, and inspire and invent solutions within production, transport, storage and the use of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen and synthetic fuels.

Changing the timeline for hydrogen and PtX on the horizon to realization

From production to consumption, the business case for scaling up hydrogen and PtX is growing. Yet, to fully realize the potential, industry and governments are faced with a set of interrelated challenges from infrastructure and production to safety, sustainability, regulations and standards.  With DNV’s range of advisory, verification, certification and digital monitoring services, in addition to full-scale testing facilities, and experience across the energy, oil and gas and maritime industries, we are in a unique position to help our customers change the timeline for hydrogen and PtX projects on the horizon to realization.  We support investors, developers, asset owners and governments decide with confidence on options and bring economic and technical certainty to solutions. We have undertaken technical assurance projects for 90 years, and over the last decades we have been involved in 350 Hydrogen and PtX projects across the entire value chain. Today, we are recognized as a trusted advisor in utilizing hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels into a safe, reliable and clean feedstock and energy carrier.

DNV accelerates the realization of hydrogen and PtX

Trusted advisor for full energy systems thinking
Our broad expertise across the entire energy industry, from renewables, electricity, oil and gas to offshore and maritime, in addition to deep technical expertise and regulatory understanding, allows us to provide full energy systems thinking for our customers, and support the creation of holistic integrated energy systems.

Provides assurance across the energy value chain
We provide assurance across the energy value chain, from energy generation and production, transmission and distribution to end use, and we support investors, asset owners, developers, and governments through the full concept, finance, design, build and operating cycles. 

Deep roots in managing risk and complexity
DNV is at its best where high risk and technical and regulatory complexity come together. As a global independent assurance and risk management company, we provide a full set of services that include advisory, certification, verification, testing and monitoring. We also offer software, platform, cyber security services and other digital solutions. We help our customers manage risk and complexity with confidence, decide on different options and scenarios, bring economic and technical certainty to solutions and assure that energy systems operate safely and effectively.  

Enabler for innovations and standardization
We drive innovation and standardization by bringing industry players together in joint industry programmes (JIPs) to develop innovative solutions, standards and recommended practices: 

  • 15 joint industry projects: We are at any time leading and facilitating typically 15 to 30 JIPs and actively participating in research programs
  • 100+ industry standards: We own, develop and provide critical input to more than 100 DNV owned industry standards and recommended practices
  • 65% of pipelines: Our pipeline code from 1976 has achieved global recognition, winning prestigious industry awards and currently 65% of all new projects globally are designed to it. 

Proven track record 

DNV's experience during the last decades has put us in a unique position to help our customers scale up safely:

  • 90 years of experience: We have 90 years of experience in helping customers manage risk and complexity with confidence through our advisory, certification, verification, inspection and digital monitoring services
  • 100 customers and 350 PtX projects: More than 350 PtX projects and 100 large power utilities, end users, operators, manufacturers and technology developers trust us as their energy and technical advisors and assurance provider
  • 4,000 energy experts: We are 12,000 employees in DNV in more than 100 countries around the world., including more than 4,000 dedicated energy experts and technical advisors
  • 158 years with safety: Improving safety and safeguarding life, property and the environment has been our core focus since our incorporation 158 years ago
  • 8 Technology Centres: We operate 8 world-leading Technology Centres with 18 individual laboratories across three continents, focusing on materials technology, renewable gas and failure analysis
  • World-leading full-scale testing facilities: For over 40 years, DNV's Spadeadam Research and Testing facility has conducted major hazard research, full scale testing of explosions, jet fires and training.

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