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Offshore wind

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Peter Brun

Peter Brun

Segment Leader Offshore Wind

At DNV, we use our industry-leading advisory expertise to help offshore wind projects increase performance. We believe success relies on understanding the dependencies between different parts of the offshore wind value chain – this is why we take a full lifecycle approach to managing risks and reducing costs. Together with our partners in the industry, we focus on doing it right, doing it better and doing it differently.

Services for the entire offshore wind lifecycle
Our customers come to us with varying requirements during the different stages of the project lifecycle. We support owners, developers and operators, as well as lenders and investors, globally through industry-leading advisory services to offshore wind projects.

We are committed to leading or supporting a wide range of industry initiatives designed to reduce risk and prevent mistakes. We have also helped develop tools, guidelines and standards that enable the offshore wind industry to deliver optimized projects, as well as Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) to develop industry best practices.

DNV also provides independent accredited certification services for the renewable energy industry. Visit our Renewables Certification pages for further information.

Contact us:

Peter Brun

Peter Brun

Segment Leader Offshore Wind

Offshore wind capabilities

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