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Mayor of your North Sea meets DNV experts from countries around the North Sea

Mayor of Your North Sea visits DNV GL

Mayor of Your North Sea and Olympic sailor, Marcelien Bos-de Koning, visited DNV to learn about the energy transition in the countries around the North Sea. She had online and offline meetings with DNV experts from Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Germany. The tour ended with Ben Oudman, Country Chair for DNV in the Netherlands, who explained the benefits of the energy transition for the Netherlands.

The Mayor of Your North Sea is a Dutch initiative to create awareness among a large public for the changes at the North Sea. It also aims to unite and create understanding between the wide variety of stakeholders connected to the North Sea such as fishermen, ecologists, shipping, transport, wind energy, oil & gas, coastal cities, sea sports and tourism.

DNV, with its roots in maritime, power, renewables, oil and gas became a partner of the Mayor of your North Sea initiative because it supports the goals to create more awareness and to create alliances with stakeholders to advance the energy transition in The Netherlands.

Mayor meets DNV experts from Norway, Denmark, the UK and The Netherlands
In her meetings with the DNV experts, the Mayor learned about the energy transition in the countries around the North Sea. With its deep waters and fjords, floating wind turbines will become important for Norway. The Danish government decided to invest in renewable energy in a very early stage which now gives it a position as one of the most decarbonized countries in the world, being a frontrunner in the energy transition with its advanced global wind industry. The United Kingdom also invested heavily in offshore wind, such as the Hornsea wind farm, being the largest offshore wind farm in the world. Germany made big steps with the ‘Energie Wende’ and invested in substations at sea which ensure power is transported safely from windfarms to the homes in Germany.

Offshore wind and hydrogen help accelerate the transition in The Netherlands
The Netherlands is now accelerating the energy transition by building offshore windfarms and supporting hydrogen development which will not only favor the Dutch people, but also help to build a strong position globally. These massive developments can only turn into a success considering the interests of all stakeholders including subsea ecology, surrounding nature, fishery, ship routes and leisure. The Mayor of the North Sea initiative helps to connect the dots.