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"I especially appreciate the illustration of diverse perspectives on the same issue but none of them are divisive. This allows us to expand on many “why” reasons that still come together to support multiple and varied solutions to a monumental global issue.", Jarred Metoyer, Senior Vice President / Managing Director Markets and Risk at DNV - Energy Systems | Regional Service Area Manager North America | Key Account Manager | Social and Climate Justice Leader | Dad | Coach 

"Do issues of environmental justice affect people more broadly? If one is not in a disadvantaged group, why is it important to care about environmental justice? The answer depends on one’s perspective and one’s role(s) in the energy economy.", Dr. Shawn Bodmann, Director, Energy and Climate Equity

“Inequity is a problem not exclusive to energy, but it is a threat to individual health that is exacerbated by energy. It is also an opportunity for stakeholders from complimentary industries to develop comprehensive solutions that mitigate the insecurities, like access to affordable energy and healthcare, increasing among at-risk communities.”, Crystal Green, Associate Director Energy and Climate Equity

“To achieve an equitable energy transition beyond rhetoric and tokenism, our frontline communities must be empowered to voice their plight, disrupt status quo conversations in decision-making forums and self-determine energy uplift and solutions right for them.”, Cici Vu, Associate Director Energy and Climate Equity

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Equity in clean energy info sheet

Providing reliable access to clean, affordable energy is the first step toward reducing energy burden and improving the wellbeing of at-risk communities.


Identify disadvantaged communities and their needs info sheet

DNV’s modular approach provides a deeper understanding of low income customers.


Designing and implementing equitable programs and services

DNV helps clients design and implement more equitable programs and services that better serve disadvantaged and historically marginalized communities.


Measure and evaluate equity in your programs and services

Measurement and evaluation can show you, regulators and stakeholders how well they are progressing toward equity goals. We provide independent third-party verification that will help our customers stay on track.