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We provide professional independent support to you on every step of your electric vehicle journey.

Well-established in the electric vehicle market for program design and implementation, due diligence, independent testing and fleet electrification advise, DNV can help you with a tailored service based on real-world industry experience.

Our extensive electrical infrastructure experience and battery technology expertise has helped customers around the world accelerate EV adoption and charger deployment. Furthermore, our understanding extends from transport battery, propulsion and charging systems to safety implications and policy implementation.

Our services

Electric Vehicles - Services - DNV
Utilities Investors Governments and regulators
We provide cutting edge program, implementation and design services, grid integration analysis, planning for the future adoption of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. We also provide fleet electrification advisory and overall utility support for electrifying the transportation sector in various service territories. We support the finance community in conducting technical and commercial due diligence, reducing risk, and facilitating sound investments in charging infrastructure and novel EV technology. We provide independent advice to ensure policies are effective and make the best use of lessons learnt from other industries and countries. We support governments and municipalities in assessing and recommending EV policy, modelling, implementing programmatic opportunities and monitoring impact to achieve climate and energy goals.
System operators Manufacturers Charge point operators
Through our comprehensive grid modeling and EV knowledge we can help to ensure safe and reliable grid operations for customers, while enabling efficient and effective deployment of charging points. We support manufacturers to assess or prove battery performance and quality. We offer advice and support to maximize the opportunities that electric vehicles present. As networks expand, we provide a review of safety regulations, supporting electrical design, evaluating new markets and business models, and supporting programme and supply chain management. We can provide advice on the optimization of charging infrastructure, assessing potential utilization, grid connections and installation costs, to select optimum locations.