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The electric vehicle revolution has begun

We predict that by 2032, half the global sales of new passenger vehicles will be battery electric vehicles, followed by commercial vehicles in 2038. The electric vehicle revolution has begun, with the next five years likely to see the highest rate of change due to technological advancements, investment, and customer demand.

To support this rapid growth in electric vehicles, DNV is at the leading edge of understanding how EVs will shape our energy future. With more than 12 years of direct experience, DNV successfully supports industry and clients to take advantage of the value stream and opportunities within the EV revolution.



On the road by 2050



Will be from EVs by 2050



Of annual EV electricity consumption by 2050

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Transport in Transition – Electrification

This report explores the opportunities and challenges for all involved in the EV supply chain

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EVs and grid integration

The three major drivers of this revolution are decarbonization, air pollution control, and cheaper EVs.

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Tesla’s Battery Day and the energy transition

Will Tesla’s ‘Battery Day’ announcements accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy, according to our Energy Transition Outlook to 2050?

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Electric vehicles - The merger of the automotive and energy industry

Electric Vehicles as a game changer for the utility business?

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The state of Electric Vehicles in the United States - 2022

In line with the global trend, the United States is at a critical juncture when it comes to addressing carbon reduction goals and moving towards a decarbonized and equitable society.

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How Norway's EVs have cut emissions globally

DNV’s estimates show that without the Norwegian EV policy, global CO2 emissions over the period 2010–2050 would have been close to 400 million tonnes higher.

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Electric utilities continue to play a critical role in driving electric vehicle adoption in the United States

Understanding customer behavior and the relational impact of EV utility program

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Electric vehicles: The industry view to 2025

What the people at the frontline of making EVs a reality had to say and the implications of this on your business.

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The impact of EVs on grid operations

How should grid operators prepare for the accelerating electric vehicle (EV) revolution?

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Vehicle-to-grid: A market overview

The overview of the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) landscape.

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How vehicle-to-everything (V2X) can turbocharge the energy transition

There are very large potential benefits – to consumers and grid operators alike – in leveraging the battery capacity of the fast-growing EV fleet to enhance flexibility in power systems.

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