Committee of Experts

Drawing on expertise from across the energy industry and beyond to ensure our renewable energy standards reflect current understanding and best practices

Appropriate standards and service specifications are key to the future of the renewable energy industry. But ensuring standards and specifications meet the current and future needs of all stakeholders requires insight and know-how from across the energy value chain and beyond.

That’s why we set up the DNV Committee of Experts. This collaborative effort ensures the latest knowledge and current industry best practices are captured and incorporated into our renewable energy standards. The Committee draws from the widest possible pool of expertise, including representatives from:

  • Engineering consultants
  • Insurance companies
  • Public authorities
  • Technical associations
  • Universities
  • Wind power plant developers
  • Wind turbine and component manufacturers

The Committee is actively involved in identifying standardisation needs and the review process for all our service specifications, standards and recommended practices.

The Committee of Experts is currently chaired by Per Hessellund Lauritsen of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. You can find a full list of Committee members here.

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