Building trust
Based on our independent approach and proven technical expertise, we help you qualify new technologies and build trust between you and your stakeholders. Our independent certificate is accepted and renowned around the world and helps you demonstrate the value of investment based on the recognised quality and long-term performance of your products.
Our certification services play an important role in minimising the number of design errors and creating confidence in the industry among manufacturers, developers, owners, finance and insurance companies as well as regulatory authorities.

Moving the renewable energy industry forward
We are at the cutting edge of establishing industry defining projects and technologies. We have worked with our customers and assisted the evolution of technology from the very beginning – But most notably, we write and define new standards rather than just following them – having published more than 40 service documents (service specifications, standards and recommended practices) which cover offshore wind, onshore wind, wave & tidal and solar. We help you to better understand and manage risks and make sound, informed decisions based on facts.

We are able to do this through:

  • More than 40 years’ experience in wind energy
  • We are close to our customers by providing the largest global certification workforce with local presence in emerging markets like the US and Greater China
  • Our involvement in 75% of all offshore wind farms as a certification body
  • Customer expertise - research and innovation projects ensuring today’s standards are ready for tomorrow’s challenges including emerging technologies like floating wind and  extreme weather conditions
  • Our technological knowledge - we certify the world's largest wind turbines including the latest 12 MW+ turbines
  • Our certification services, spanning across the entire project lifecycle: from conceptual design to lifetime extension and beyond, supporting you throughout your project development phases
  Renewables Certification

Renewables Certification

What we do

  Rules, standards, guidelines, technical notes, notes on engineering details

Rules, standards, guidelines, technical notes, notes on engineering details

Explore the DNV Rules, Standards and Guidelines for the renewable energy industry


Committee of Experts

Drawing on expertise from across the energy industry and beyond to ensure our renewable energy standards reflect current understanding and best practices.

Kim Mørk

Thanks to more than 40 years’ experience in the wind energy industry, we support your project success through compliance and high quality standard – for optimised 24/7 lifetime performance.”

  • Kim Mørk, PhD, MSc ,
  • Executive Vice President, Renewables Certification ,
  • Energy Systems
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