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About Energy Industry Insights

For more than a decade, DNV’s Energy Industry Insights studies have informed discussions, inspired ideas, and supported the energy industry in its strategic planning.  

The report is now in its 14th year. Up until 2021, the study focused exclusively on the oil and gas sector. In 2022, we expanded the study to explore the view from across the entire energy industry, spanning electrical power, renewables, oil and gas, industry specialists (e.g. in technology, finance, or policy), and industrial energy consumers. Survey respondents represent a range of functions, from board-level executives to senior engineers. We thank our survey respondents and interviewees for their contributions to the study. 

The research draws on our annual survey of more than 1,200 senior professionals, conducted during February and March 2024, and a programme of in-depth interviews with leaders and experts. It is developed and created by teams from DNV and FT Longitude (a Financial Times company).  

Get the latest view from energy professionals for 2024, in the new edition of our insights: Transforming Through Uncertainty.


See DNV's press release and media materials for our latest Energy Industry Insights (2024)

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DNV's Energy Industry Insights data is freely available. When using the data, please reference DNV Energy Industry Insights, and link to this overview page.

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