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Training course: Wind & Solar Power Projects, and Investment Risk

Day 1: Wind & Solar Power projects

This course day is aimed at anyone wishing to acquire a broad overview of what is involved in a wind and solar power project. Through introduction to the key stages of the project lifecycle, including development, construction, operation, and decommissioning, the course addresses the key risks arising and the steps that a project owner can take to optimize a project from the design stage onwards. 

As well as covering general topics associated with any project, this course day will give a brief overview of considerations for both wind and solar power projects. More detailed courses covering specific areas of technical specialism on wind and solar are available. 

Day 2: Technical risks in Wind & Solar Power investments

DNV has gained valuable real life experience working with project stakeholders to minimize and mitigate technical risks in wind and solar power projects. Focusing on cash flow and project finance lending, the course will cover typical technical issues that might arise during the investment review process, and steps that can be taken to reduce or address risks. 

The course structure will lead the participants towards a check list of items to be considered and addressed in their own due diligence reviews. Throughout the day, topics will refer back to the project cash flow model and practical exercises. The course focuses on technical experience, with some coverage of related commercial issues; the course does not however cover detailed legal or insurance issues associated with transaction structuring. 

For whom?

Professionals wanting to learn more about minimizing and mitigating technical risks in wind and solar power projects, either as general interest or for a background to be used when approaching real life investment reviews. It is assumed that participants will already be familiar with general wind and solar energy related topics, some of which are covered in Day 1.

Course topics

Day 1 (Wind & Solar Power Projects):

  • What’s in a wind or solar farm?  
  • Who’s who? 
  • Project development, resource risk, key development risks and other design considerations
  • Construction arrangements, contracts and key construction risks
  • Operations and maintenance 
  • Decommissioning
  • Key operating lifetime risks
  • Q & A session
Day 2 (Investment risk):
  • Finance motivations
  • Project structure
  • Financing
  • Introduction to the cash flow model
  • Income risks and income management
  • Sensitivities
  • Wind/solar farm design risks
  • Cost risks and cost management
  • Sensitivities
  • Factors affecting costs
  • Using and applying contracts
  • Case studies
  • Lessons learned
  • Q & A session

In-company and customised training courses

On request, DNV can also develop customized and in-company training courses. Content, location and duration of the course can be adapted to your specific needs.

For more information please contact  Sarah Barber

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