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Training course: ISO 50001 and Industrial Energy Management

Practical training course to gain knowledge and skills to eliminate energy efficiency barriers and optimise business performance.

Improve business performance

Industrial Energy Management and ISO 50001 Training will equip engineers and middle management to improve their organisations’ energy efficiency, implement an energy management system, and enhance business performance. The curriculum focuses on:
- Essential skills and tools to improve energy efficiency
- Business potential of energy management systems
- Relevance and potential of energy efficiency for business performance, climate change and energy policy

Your benefits

- Boost bottom line
- Strengthen corporate image
- Increase process and production control
- Decrease environmental impacts
- Reduce business, operating and regulatory risks

Applied Learning

Gain knowledge and skills to eliminate energy efficiency barriers and achieve results.

Training details

Through group work, real industrial case studies, and the trainers’ own experiences, participants will gain the skills and tools to optimise business performance by improving energy efficiency.

Topics include energy data management, monitoring and verification, energy modelling, identification and economic analysis of improvement projects, energy management systems, relevant international standards and energy management best practices.

The training uses a dynamic mix of interactive learning with sufficient time for questions and answers, brain storm sessions, group and individual exercises and actual case studies from relevant sectors. Participants will develop practical skills that can be applied directly in their daily work.

DNV’s experienced trainers combine a solid theoretical knowledge of the topic, an extensive practical track-record and excellent teaching skills.

The training is offered in two days, allowing for a tailored experience fitting the industrial sector and technical background of the participants. It starts by discussing the importance and improvement potential of energy efficiency, with typical drivers and barriers. The training continues with the features of an energy management system and highlights the importance of energy data and metering. The training uses ISO 50001 as a backbone, guiding participants through management responsibilities and energy policy, checking, and management review. It explains participants how to implement an effective energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 (although not mandatory to improve an organisation’s energy management). 

During the first day, a brief introduction on energy saving opportunities will be given, with structural and behavioural changes accounting for a significant part, as will be highlighted in an introduction on energy culture. Next to that, energy policy is presented in a broader context, starting from European policy and diving into national legislation in more detail.

The second day focuses on energy modelling, and on identification, prioritisation and financial evaluation of energy saving opportunities. It also touches upon industry best 

practices and provides in-depth energy saving opportunities: energy KPIs, steam, pumping, combined heat and power, compressed air, and specific process-saving opportunities.

With or without ISO 50001

The training follows the structure of the international standard on energy management (ISO 50001) and is a great start for introducing the standard in your organisation. It is also applicable and relevant for organisations that are not pursuing ISO 50001 certification.

No previous experience is needed.

Practical information

For the following items, please refer to the registration form:

  • Course dates
  • Venue details
  • Registration fee
  • Payment and cancellation conditions

The training will be given in English, all course materials will be in English. Click here for more information and to register for the upcoming course.

In-company and customised training courses

On request, DNV can also develop customized and in-company training courses. The training course is also available in Dutch or French. Content, location and duration of the course can be adapted to your specific needs.

Please contact Ruben van Doninck at for more information. 

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