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Training course: IEC 61850

Training course for utilities and manufactures

Two-day training course regarding the capabilities and benefits of IEC 61850 in relation to substation automation, and regarding recent developments in this field.

Course description Utilities

This training has been developed to give professionals in the utility industry a detailed understanding of how to make the best use of IEC 61850. This two-day training course will give you the knowledge you need regarding the scope, capabilities, benefits and restrictions of IEC 61850 in relation to substation automation and other smart grid applications. The course focuses on the three main features of the IEC 61850 standard: data modelling, data communication and the engineering. It provides a basis for discussing IEC 61850 with suppliers, consultants and other parties and for structuring the introduction of IEC 61850 to your organization. Latest developments, practical experiences, pitfalls and guidelines are part of the course. We will provide you with methodology and necessary steps to optimize the use of IEC 61850 in your organization!

Course description Manufactures

This two-day training course, which has been developed to give  telecommunication professionals an introduction to IEC 61850. Attending this course with our leading experts will give you the knowledge you need regarding the capabilities and benefits of IEC 61850 in relation to substation automation and further recent developments in this field such as its use in IEDs for deployment in smart grid applications.

The course focuses on the functionality and features of the IEC 61850 communication protocol. Participants will learn about IEC 61850 data modeling, configuration and communication services. Furthermore, new developments and practical experiences from IEC 61850 implementations are covered. Theoretical knowledge about IEC 61850 is combined with practical exercises using our DNV GL test tools.

Your benefits

■ What are the objectives and benefits of IEC 61850?
■ How to maximize interoperability using IED from different vendors?
■ How to set up the substation communication network?
■ What are station bus and process bus and which one is best for me?
■ What is GOOSE and why is it fast and reliable?
■ How to engineer a substation automation system?
■ How to manage different configurations and firmware versions?

For whom Utilities?

This course is designed for asset managers, consultants and technical advisors responsible for decision making, long-term strategy, asset management and cost reduction in the context of substation automation and smart grid applications, as well as the supporting operational telecoms infrastructure within and outside the substation.

For whom Manufactures?

This course is designed for developers, consultants and engineers at manufacturing companies who need up-to-date knowledge of IEC 61850.

Course topics

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Introduction to IEC 61850
  • Overview of substation automation
  • Communication services
  • New developments

Practical information

For the following items, please refer to the registration form:

  • Course dates
  • Venue details
  • Registration fee
  • Payment and cancellation conditions

The training will be given in English or Dutch (depending on the group composition), all course material will be in English. Click here for more information and to register for the upcoming course.

In-company and customized training courses

On request, DNV can also develop customized and in-company training courses in English, Spanish and Dutch. Content, location and duration of the course can be adapted to your specific needs.

For more information please contact us

Energy Academy
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A few responses from previous participants

  • ‘‘A very useful course and would highly recommend it for people who are/will use IEC 61850.’’- Sindhuja Vijayaraghavan, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories B.V.
  • ‘‘This course helped me understand the philosophy and fundamentals of IEC61850 in a well structured format’’- Daan Lubbers, Croonwolter&dros B.V.

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