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Training course: DLMS/COSEM

Two-day training course regarding the capabilities, benefits and recent developments of the DLMS/COSEM communication protocol.

Course description

Correct exchange of meter data is of major importance in the liberalized energy market. Remote energy meter interrogation is essential for the fast and reliable determination of balance or unbalance between forecasts and actual energy usage as well as for a smooth meter-to-bill process. The data collection protocol IEC 62056 is an international standard that is fit for this purpose, as it is developed to support a wide variety of utility businesses processes in the energy meter. This course will provide you with the knowledge you need regarding the capabilities and benefits of IEC 62056 communication and regarding recent developments in this field.


At the conclusion of the course, you will be familiar with the DLMS/COSEM communication standard, you will know how to go about implementing DLMS/COSEM in your device and you will know how to test your implementation.

For whom?

Software developers, testers, engineers, consultants and telecom engineers at manufacturers and end-user utilities who require up-to-date knowledge about IEC 62056 - DLMS/COSEM.


Course information

The course has a theory component and a hands-on component. The theory component covers IEC 62056 from a high level (what is DLMS/COSEM, the standardization framework, concepts behind the standard, data model, etc.) down to a low level (how to translate the objects into frames and bytes). The practical component provides a detailed introduction to DLMS message encoding and involves a hands-on experience using the DNV DLMS Test Suite. Exercises will enable you to immediately put what you have learned into practice. Participants will look at the message flow on a link and will learn how to detect and solve communication problems.

Course topics

The following topics will be addressed:

Day 1 

        • Introduction
        • Open communication standards
        • Overview IEC62056 - DLMS/COSEM
        • Device modelling & addressing
        • COSEM classes
        • OBIS Codes
        • DLMS Messages
        • Exercises with DLMS Analyser
        • AMI Communication Architectures

Day 2 

        • Details of the Application Association
        • Pushing data with DLMS
        • Syntax notation & encoding
        • Efficiency measures in DLMS
        • DLMS over HDLC
        • DLMS over IP
        • Exercises with DLMS Client & Meter simulator
        • DLMS Security
        • Interoperability: Compliance & Compatibility
        • Puzzle & Quiz
        • Questions / Discussion

In-company and customized training courses

On request, DNV can also develop customized training courses on smart metering in English, Spanish or Dutch. Content, location, and duration of the course can be adapted to your specific needs.


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