Training course: Wind Turbine Technology

Wind power is one of the fastest growing sectors of the world’s electrical power industries. This course offers an unbiased insight into the modern wind turbine's design process, techniques, disciplines and tools.

Loads analysis for new wind turbine products

Wind power is one of the fastest growing sectors of the world's electrical power industries. This course offers an unbiased insight into the modern wind turbines's design process, techniques, disciplines and tools. Once the basics of wind turbines' architecture definition will have been explained, we will focus on the design process of machines in the context of wind farm operations. 

The trainers will guide you through the basics of wind energy conversion and the evolution of the design process behind today's giant wind turbines. The modules will highlight the importance of accurate design loads prediction and effective control, alongside their effect on wind turbines' mechanical design. We will illustrate how design options affects the cost of energy and review future technology trends. 

Knowledge and understanding of wind turbine design is becoming more important, every day, when looking at the operational context. The second part of the training will therefore offer an overview of the methods to gauge machine selection and suitability, together with upgrade options like lifetime extension and controller re-fit. 

The course offers a significant depth of understanding of the technology background, but does not assume any prior knowledge of wind energy. . Even though onshore wind is the main focus, an overview of offshore wind technology and challenges will be discussed. 

For whom?

This course is designed for:

  • Industry professionals wishing to broaden their knowledge
  • Individuals or companies involved in wind farm or turbine development and operation
  • Professionals of any discipline entering the industry and seeking specific skills, such as:
    * project managers
    * developers
    * civil and structural designers
    * turbine designers
    * investors
    * insurance agents

Course topics

The following topics will be addressed:

Day 1

  • Introducing DNV Renewables Advisory
  • Introduction to wind technology
  • Fundamentals of wind energy conversion: Rotor aerodynamics
  • Fundamentals of wind energy conversion: Site conditions
  • Turbine architecture: Overview of design concepts
  • Turbine architecture: Focus on turbine loading
Day 2
  • Turbine architecture: Turbine.Architect and cost of energy driven designs
  • Turbine architecture: Mechanical design
  • Turbine architecture: Control systems elements
  • Turbine architecture: Electrical systems
Day 3
  • Turbine architecture: Foundations
  • Turbine certification: Component and type certification
  • Wind farm design process: Overview of wind turbines in the market
  • Wind farm design process: Effect of environmental conditions on site suitability
  • Wind farm design process: Integrity driven site suitability
  • Wind farm design process: Site Suitability Tool (including demo)
Day 4
  • Wind turbines in the context of farm operations: Wind turbine performance & availability monitoring
  • Wind turbines in the context of farm operations: SCADA
  • Wind turbines in the context of farm operations: Condition monitoring systems
  • Wind turbines in the context of farm operations: Online digital twin (including Wind Gemini demo)
  • Wind farms: Focus on offshore wind
  • Turbine certification: Project certification
Day 5
  • Wind farm upgrades: Route map approach to assets optimization
  • Wind farm upgrades: Lifetime extension
  • Wind farm upgrades: Controller re-fit
  • Wind farm upgrades: Repowering
  • Future technology trends: LiDAR assisted control
  • Future technology trends: Load estimators
  • Future technology trends: Wind farm control

Practical information

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  • Registration fee
  • Payment and cancellation conditions

In-company and customised training courses

On request, DNV can also develop customized and in-company training courses. Content, location and duration of the course can be adapted to your specific needs.

For more information please contact Gabriele Bolzoni

A few responses from previous participants

  • ‘‘We had a very good experience in accessing the valuable training resources that you have provided. The training has provided our engineers an overall outlook to the wind industry, from wind technology, turbine design, certification and lifetime extension, to asset management, future tech trend, etc.’’ - Mr Jun Wang, Goldwind
  • ‘‘Highly satisfied by the content and organisation of this DNV training course. Would recommend it to colleagues.’’ - Jip van Erp, DEME Group
  • ‘‘Very deep technical expertise.’’ - Eric Weemaels, Foresight Group
  • ‘‘Forward looking context - particular grid inegration was useful.’’ -  Tom Harries, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • ‘‘I improved my overall understanding of Wind Turbine Technology with training lessons. The speakers demonstrated experience on the topics and that facilitated the learning process. The remote training was not a problem at all, I had a very good experience.’’ -  Gabriel Freitas Santos, Brookfield Renewable Energy Group
  • ‘‘The course touched on each and every aspect of wind technology. The trainers are very knowledgeable and engaged. Highly recommended.’’ -  Jerry Liu, Algonquin Power

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