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Drilling and well

Safe operations and asset integrity must be maintained throughout the well lifecycle, but changes in the market are driving the need to reduce the cost of drilling, field development and decommissioning. 

DNV services span the entire well lifecycle: from concept evaluation, well design, drilling, completion, production, intervention and workover to plug and abandonment (P&A). We build trust for operators, rig owners, service companies and governing bodies, through risk management, analysis, and independent verification and qualification of new drilling and well technology.

Well verification 

As an independent verifier, DNV works to ensure that safety critical equipment and wells are designed, constructed and maintained to manage the risk of unintentional fluid escapes. We also provide well integrity assessment and audits, condition assessment of rigs and certification of components and materials.

Wellhead fatigue and risers

With significant expertise within fatigue analysis and structural integrity, DNV works with the industry to set standards for structural well integrity. By combining our drilling and riser expertise with our expertise in foundation, hydrodynamics, damage investigation and laboratory work, we provide expert understanding of the risks associated with dynamic loads on wellheads, conductors and riser systems. We also carry out analysis of floating rigs and jack-up rigs over jacket structures. 

Operations and risk management

DNV has extensive risk management expertise and provides reliability analysis of wells, well risk assessment, and barrier management solutions.  We provide blowout and well kill analysis as input to well planning, environmental risk assessment or platform quantitative risk assessment (QRA).   We have tools and methods for the management of maintenance and uptime of drilling rig systems, and functional safety for safety instrumented systems like BOP and workover systems. 

Plugging and abandonment of wells (P&A)

Our risk-based approach can significantly cut well P&A costs. We use risk-based criteria for handling potential leakage from wells and ensuring no harm to the environment. We work with operators and developers to qualify new materials and reliable solutions for plugging wells.

What we offer

  • Wellhead fatigue and riser analysis
  • Independent verification and certification
  • Condition assessment
  • Well integrity audits
  • Well risk management and reliability analysis
  • Blowout analysis
  • Training courses
  • Qualification of new technology.


Risk-based abandonment of wells



Wellhead fatigue analysis



Managing sand production and erosion



Technology qualification



Integrity management of subsea production systems




Subsea equipment and components

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