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With our depth of expertise and experience, we are well placed to understand the complexities of specific subsea system components and how they interact. Working with our customers and partners, we develop robust solutions to continuously develop the sector.

Subsea systems

Our subsea experts are and have been leading a number of industry initiatives in order to develop greater industry standardization in subsea system management. These include:

Flexible risers

Able to withstand both vertical and horizontal movement, flexible risers are a key enabling technology for floating production units, such as FPSOs and semisubmersibles, particularly in harsh environments. However, there remain certain challenges in their operation. DNV has been working in close collaboration with key industry players to better understand the complex nature of flexible pipes, and to establish measures to overcome the challenges.  Our in-depth knowledge covers such areas as:

  • Fatigue
  • Carcass capacity
  • Polymer viscoelastic behaviour
  • Leak rate
  • Sand erosion
  • Singing risers
  • Composite armour.

Floating structures

The specifics of floating structures directly influence risers, umbilicals and cables connected to a floating unit. In many cases, the floating unit dictates the type and configuration of risers and umbilicals for a field development. We advise on all types of offshore floating units, and have issued a number of standards and recommended practices dealing with different floating concepts. This knowledge, combined with our ability to accurately model their behaviour in their projected environment, enables us to provide customers with valuable insight when it comes to planning, risk management and performance in any floating production or storage project. 

Drilling and well

We offer a number of services to assist customers in the development of drilling and well systems. These include:

  • Wellhead fatigue and drilling risers for jack-ups and floating rigs
  • Workover, intervention and well control systems
  • Well verification.

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Carbon management technologies

Carbon management technologies enable the oil and gas industry to remain competitive in a carbon-constrained economy, helping to manage the risk of stranded assets. Our services span the entire value chain of CO2, from capture, conditioning and compression to transport, storage and enhanced oil recovery. Our inter-disciplinary teams cross the boundaries between upstream, downstream, process engineering, CO2 transportation and geoscience.  We also enable enhanced performance within CO2 usage for EOR in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, and within CO2 recycling from high-CO2 content gas fields.

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