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Growing pressure on emissions reductions and the increase in use of renewables is changing traditional value chains. Companies must ensure the right balance of low-carbon fuel compositions and high-performances in mid- and downstream technologies. 

DNV supports customers with qualification testing under dynamic real-life conditions in our gas laboratory, verification and certification of fuels, fuel technology and renewable energy technology, driving research, development and commercialization of safe and reliable technologies. 

Our energy technology services include:

  • Performance assessment of downstream and renewable energy technologies
  • Fuel interchangeability and end-use equipment testing
  • Fuel composition monitoring, metering and custody transfer
  • Independent innovation support and fuel technology demonstration
  • Engine and combustion technology testing
  • Impact assessment of new fuels on pipelines and facilities
  • Fuel (re)loading and conditioning
  • Technology integration support and optimization.

Technologies for engines and fuels 

With a global team of specialists, we help manufacturers improve and enhance their designs. We have strong capabilities within a broad range of fuel types including renewables such as biogas, hydrogen or (bio-)LNG, as well as related technologies for engines, burners, processing and metering equipment. 

Combustible and toxic fuel testing  

We perform full-scale testing under realistic field conditions in well-defined experiments from high to low pressures, with combustible and toxic fuels and from high to low temperatures. We have 5000 square meters of dedicated gas laboratories and flexible facilities.

Laboratory testing and gas analyser capabilities

  • 220 kW CHP engine and 470 kW truck engine test bed, enabling fuel flexible performance testing
  • Fuel flexible boiler enabling testing of burners and burner control systems
  • 4 MW fuel blending facility
  • 400 kW furnace, enabling fuel flexible heat transfer and burner testing
  • Rapid compression machine for auto-ignition determination
  • Domestic appliances testing
  • Gas analyser testing for analytical instrument performance evaluation
  • Gas and fuels analytical laboratory for composition and emissions monitoring
  • Gas contaminants analysis.