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Gas technologies needed for the new carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen value chains

A key element in the energy transition is to start using hydrogen as a fuel and to be able to avoid emitting CO2 to the atmosphere through carbon capture and storage. New value chains are being established and a lot of technologies need to be qualified. 

Carbon capture and storage

DNV's Technology Centre in Groningen is gearing up to qualify CCS technologies.

  • We provide industry leading advice on metering of CO2 which is essential for the CCS value chain to be sustainable financially and from an integrity point of view.
  • We have developed a flow loops to qualify equipment like flow meters for gas phase CO2
  • We are building a flow loop to do the same for dense phase CO2.


  • We provide leading advice related to handling, safety an metering of hydrogen
  • We work on full scale implementation of hydrogen as a fuel for industries and households
  • We qualify flow equipment in a 100% hydrogen flow loop
  • We have competence to assess an qualify technologies related to hydrogen burners, engines domestic appliances etc.
  • We have also developed a large range of competences and equipment to support qualification of hydrogen burners, engines…
We consider DNV's Technology Centre to be an ideal partner as we build on our solid background in the gas industry.