Major hazard research, testing and training

Research and testing of fires, explosions and blasts – with full-scale hazardous trials and simulation of real-world environments.

Spadeadam Research and Testing contributes to a safer world by improving understanding of major hazards across industries.

For over 40 years, Spadeadam has conducted full scale testing to assess the consequences of major hazards and their effects on people and properties. The results of which have been used to develop products, protect people and infrastructure from both accidental and deliberate threats. 

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Research and testing: Supported by a highly experienced team, DNV can facilitate the testing of components, products, techniques and processes from design through to analysis and recommendations

- Security: Our services range from testing ballistic resistant material against small arms to testing large building components against the blast and fragmentation generated by a car bombs – and everything in between 

- Training coursesCourses offer delegates the chance to experience fires, dispersion and explosion first hand whilst developing their knowledge of the research and theory behind them.

Project examples

  Making the safety case

Making the safety case

DNV's Spadeadam is involved as partner in safety research that focus on GBP10 million (m) H21 Network Innovation Competition (NIC) initiative

  Hy4Heat programme

Hy4Heat programme

DNV leads a partnership to review purity and colourant for the UK Government’s Hy4Heat programme

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