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DNV Spadeadam

Security research and testing

In our uncertain world it is necessary to provide protection to personnel, buildings and plant from the potential hazards of terrorist attacks. Spadeadam Research and Testing has considerable experience testing components and equipment against the effects of a potential terrorist threat.

Our services range from testing ballistic resistant material against small arms to testing large building components against the blast and fragmentation generated by a car bomb – and everything in between.

Using DNV to assess your security requirements means that you are accessing a wealth of experience in both the oil and gas industry and in counter terrorism.

Blast test 

Blast testing can be conducted on vehicles, building structures and a wide range of components. Blast testing can be carried out to a wide range of international standards including;

  • ISO 16933
  • ASTM F1642-04
  • GSA.

DNV can also provide consultancy to assess customer needs and specify blast test methods to meet customer requirements. This includes identifying correct charge weight and stand-off and designing suitable fixtures for your test samples.

Ballistic testing

Spadeadam Research and Testing has the capability of carrying out ballistic testing of structures and components using a variety of launch platforms from small arms to RPG’s and including fragment attack.

The facilities at Spadeadam are particularly suited to the ballistic testing of large items such as complete vehicles, buildings or glazing systems. As with blast testing Spadeadam can provide a full ballistic testing service from advising on customer testing requirements through testing and producing test reports.

Protected vehicles are often required to provide a shield from both ballistic and blast threats. This is reflected in test standards such as VSAG12 and VPAM-BRV. The facilities at Spadeadam allow a full range of testing to be carried out to meet these standards.

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