Oil and gas

Joint industry projects (JIPs)

In collaboration with our customers, we run joint industry projects (JIPs) to develop new solutions, standards and recommended practices that add value by solving industry challenges.

Proposed JIPs:

Digitalization and automation

Operational Diagnostics of Gas Network Pressure Reduction Stations

Integrity management for flexible risers in offshore Brazil

Metering and calibration data analytics for performance management

Get operational data ready for data analytics

Quality requirements for CO2 utilization

Shaping the future of intelligent data management

Gas in the energy transition

(Rules for) evaluating crankcase gas safety in CNG/LNG marine engines

Service life extension

Expanding existing crack analyses to cover low-toughness materials

Roadmap for future of the gas transmission systems

Developing tools for valve integrity and lifetime management

Develop a Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) database and models to predict corrosion in pipelines and integrate these into MARVTM

Large-diameter mooring chains OPB fatigue - initial scope


PILS phase (pipeline, umbilical, cable and flexibles lateral stability)

Determining the root causes of failure in low toughness carbon steel fittings, flanges and piping

SqualMoor JIP - phase 2

Equivalence-based integrated qualification of additive manufacturing process and parts

NORSOK Z-TI: Shaping the future of standards and requirements management

STRAIN - guideline for strain-based design

Requirements for replacing the system pressure test with alternative means

Efficient risk assessment during design

Other technical solutions

Influence of non-conventional gases on gas flow meters

DNVGL-ST-F101 Submarine pipeline systems. Adoption of linepipe requirements developed by major operators through IOGP

Development of Guideline for Materials Selection and Qualification of Well Casing in Geothermal Application

Low cycle fatigue performance of pipe girth welds in seawater with cathodic protection

Fastener acceptance tool: a knowledge integration approach

Developing an international standard for carbon fibre tensile armour for flexible risers

Extension of usage limits for corrosion resistant materials in pipelines

Cryogenic cracking technology for breaking-out metallic gas pipelines

Collapse of thick pipes (D/t<20), phase II