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DNVGL-ST-E272 2.7-2 Offshore service modules


The objective of this standard (ST) for certification is to set requirements for offshore service modules focussed on the safety impact to the offshore installation upon which the equipment is installed. 

When installed and used on floating offshore installations, service containers are subject to the regulations applicable to an offshore installation (i.e., IMO MODU/SOLAS, Class, flag state and national regulations). When offshore service containers are installed and used on fixed offshore installations, national regulations will apply. 

It has been recognized that individual interpretations of all the various codes and standards may sometimes lead to conflicting requirements. This standard for certification intends to prescribe solutions which will provide an equivalent level of safety as the codes and standards referred to throughout this document. 

Certification by DNV provides a document which may be presented to users of the module to document its technical standard and safety performance. The certificate also defines conditions for transportation to, and installation on, an offshore installation. 

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