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List of documents included in the subscription

Listed below are the documents included in the Rules and Standards Explorer+ subscription. By clicking on a document name, a preview of the document will be displayed within Rules and Standards Explorer (Veracity login required).

DNV-RP-0002 Integrity management of subsea production systems 

DNV-RP-0034 Steel forgings for subsea appliations - technical requirements 

DNV-RP-0043 Safety, operation and performance of grid-connected energy storage systems 

DNV-RP-0046 Qualification procedure for offshore high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technologies 

DNV-RP-0171 Testing of rotor blade erosion protection systems 

DNV-RP-0175 Icing of wind turbines 

DNV-RP-0286 Coupled analysis of floating wind turbines 

DNV-RP-0317 Assurance of data collection and transmission in sensor systems

DNV-RP-0360 Subsea power cables in shallow water 

DNV-RP-0363 Extreme temperature conditions for wind turbines 

DNV-RP-0416 Corrosion protection for wind turbines 

DNV-RP-0419 Analysis of grouted connections using the finite element method 

DNV-RP-0423 Manufacturing and commissioning of offshore substations 

DNV-RP-0440 Electromagnetic compability of wind turbines

DNV-RP-0497 Assurance of data quality management

DNV-RP-0573 Evaluation of erosion and delamination for leading edge protection systems for rotor blades 

DNV-RP-0584 Design, development and operation of floating solar photovoltaic systems 

DNV-RP-0585 Seismic design of wind power plants 

DNV-RP-0618 Rock scour protection for monopiles

DNV-RP-0661 Lidar-measured turbulence intensity for wind turbines

DNV-RP-0665 Assurance of machine learning applications

DNV-RP-A203 Technology qualification 

DNV-RP-A204 Assurance of digital twins 

DNV-RP-B202 Steel forgings for subsea applications - quality management requirements 

DNV-RP-B204 Welding of subsea production system equipment 

DNV-RP-B301 Inspection and evaluation of non-metallic seals 

DNV-RP-B401 Cathodic protection design 

DNV-RP-C201 Buckling strength of plated structures

DNV-RP-C202 Buckling strength of shells 

DNV-RP-C203 Fatigue design of offshore steel structures 

DNV-RP-C204 Structural design against accidental loads 

DNV-RP-C205 Environmental conditions and environmental loads 

DNV-RP-C207 Statistical representation of soil data 

DNV-RP-C208 Determination of structural capacity by non-linear finite element analysis methods 

DNV-RP-C210 Probabilistic methods for planning of inspection for fatigue cracks in offshore structures 

DNV-RP-C212 Offshore soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering 

DNV-RP-E101 Recertification of well control equipment 

DNV-RP-E103 Risk-based abandonment of wells 

DNV-RP-E104 Wellhead fatigue analysis 

DNV-RP-E301 Design and installation of fluke anchors 

DNV-RP-E302 Design and installation of plate anchors in clay 

DNV-RP-E303 Geotechnical design and installation of suction anchors in clay 

DNV-RP-E304 Damage assessment of fibre ropes for offshore mooring 

DNV-RP-E305 Design, testing and analysis of offshore fibre ropes 

DNV-RP-E308 Mooring integrity management

DNV-RP-F101 Corroded pipelines 

DNV-RP-F102 Pipeline field joint coating and field repair of linepipe coating 

DNV-RP-F103 Cathodic protection of submarine pipelines 

DNV-RP-F104 Design and operation of carbon dioxide pipelines 

DNV-RP-F105 Free spanning pipelines 

DNV-RP-F106 Factory applied external pipeline coatings for corrosion control 

DNV-RP-F107 Risk assessment of pipeline protection 

DNV-RP-F108 Assessment of flaws in pipeline and riser girth welds 

DNV-RP-F109 On-bottom stability design of submarine pipelines 

DNV-RP-F110 Global buckling of submarine pipelines 

DNV-RP-F111 Interference between trawl gear and pipelines 

DNV-RP-F112 Duplex stainless steel - design against hydrogen induced stress cracking 

DNV-RP-F113 Pipeline subsea repair 

DNV-RP-F114 Pipe-soil interaction for submarine pipelines 

DNV-RP-F115 Pre-commissioning of submarine pipelines 

DNV-RP-F116 Integrity management of submarine pipeline systems

DNV-RP-F117 Design of pipelines with pressure protection systems

DNV-RP-F118 Pipe girth weld automated ultrasonic testing system qualification and project specific procedure validation 

DNV-RP-F203 Riser interference 

DNV-RP-F204 Riser fatigue 

DNV-RP-F205 Global performance analysis of deepwater floating structures 

DNV-RP-F206 Riser integrity management 

DNV-RP-F302 Offshore leak detection 

DNV-RP-F303 Subsea pumping systems (tentative recommended practice) 

DNV-RP-F401 Electrical power cables in subsea applications 

DNV-RP-G101 Risk based inspection of offshore topsides static mechanical equipment 

DNV-RP-G104 Identification and management of environmental barriers

DNV-RP-G105 Development and operation of liquefied natural gas bunkering facilities 

DNV-RP-G107 Efficient updating of risk assessments 

DNV-RP-G109 Risk based management of corrosion under insulation 

DNV-RP-J201 Qualification procedures for carbon dioxide capture technology

DNV-RP-J203 Geological storage of carbon dioxide

DNV-RP-N101 Risk management in marine and subsea operations 

DNV-RP-N102 Marine operations during removal of offshore installations 

DNV-RP-N103 Modelling and analysis of marine operations 

DNV-RP-N201 Lifting appliances used in subsea operations 

DNV-RP-O101 Technical documentation for subsea projects 

DNV-RP-O501 Managing sand production and erosion 

DNV-RP-O601 Managing environmental aspects and impacts of seabed mining 

DNV-ST-0054 Transport and installation of wind power plants 

DNV-ST-0076 Design of electrical installations for wind turbines 

DNV-ST-0119 Floating wind turbine structures

DNV-ST-0125 Grid code compliance

DNV-ST-0126 Support structures for wind turbines

DNV-ST-0145 Offshore substations 

DNV-ST-0164 Tidal turbines 

DNV-ST-0262 Lifetime extension of wind turbines 

DNV-ST-0359 Subsea power cables for wind power plants 

DNV-ST-0361 Machinery for wind turbines

DNV-ST-0376 Rotor blades for wind turbines 

DNV-ST-0437 Loads and site conditions for wind turbines 

DNV-ST-E271 2.7-1 Offshore containers 

DNVGL-ST-E272 2.7-2 Portable service modules (PDF only)

DNV-ST-E273 2.7-3 Portable offshore units 

DNV-ST-0438 Control and protection systems for wind turbines 

DNV-ST-B203 Additive manufacturing of metallic parts

DNV-ST-C501 Composite components

DNV-ST-C502 Offshore concrete structures 

DNV-ST-E406 Design of free-fall lifeboats 

DNV-ST-E407 Rope based deployment and recovery systems for designated service 

DNV-ST-F101 Submarine pipeline systems 

DNV-ST-F119 Thermoplastic composite pipes 

DNV-ST-F121 Pipeline installation by horizontal directional drilling 

DNV-ST-F201 Riser systems 

DNV-ST-F207 Hybrid thermoplastic composite flexible pipe

DNV-ST-F301 Subsea equipment and components 

DNV-ST-J301 Electrolyser systems

DNV-ST-N001 Marine operations and marine warranty 

DNV-ST-N002 Site specific assessment of mobile offshore units for marine warranty