DNV-ST-F101 Submarine pipeline systems


Edition 2021-08 - Amended 2021-12

The objective of this standard (ST) is to provide an internationally acceptable framework for submarine pipeline systems in all lifetime phases, with a focus on structural assessment, with the aim of obtaining an appropriate and consistent level of safety.

This ST provides requirements and recommendations for the concept development, design, construction, operation and abandonment of pipeline systems, with the emphasis on structural integrity.

The following topics are covered:

  • safety philosophy framework and target failure probabilities
  • design basis including surveys, environmental data and soil sampling
  • design criteria including the layout, LRFD criteria and functional criteria
  • material selection and corrosion control, i.e. pre-manufacturing considerations
  • line pipe specification for three types of pipesÍž CMn pipes, CRA pipes and lined/clad pipes
  • component manufacturing specifications, additional to industry standards, and pipeline assemblies
  • corrosion, insulation and weight coating specifications
  • offshore construction/installation and pre-commissioning requirements
  • operation and abandonment requirements
  • material testing specifications
  • welding specifications
  • non-destructive testing (NDT) specifications.

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