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Additive manufacturing standards and guidelines

Issues of trust remain key to additive manufacturing (AM) gaining acceptance in oil and gas and other industrial sectors

DNV is working to address a lack of systematic processes, standards, and specialized knowledge to ensure the safety and quality of AM feedstock, equipment, components and parts. 

We work in partnership with a broad range of academic institutions, industry operators and companies across the supply chain to grow our portfolio of standards and guidelines for additive manufacturing as a result of several ongoing joint industry projects. Our recently published standards and guidelines include:

DNV-ST-B203 Additive manufacturing of metallic parts 

DNV-ST-B203 Additive manufacturing of metallic parts is the first Standard to provide an internationally accepted framework for producing and using high quality additively manufactured metal parts for the oil & gas, maritime and related industries. It introduces approaches to manage the quality of additively manufactured metal parts, with each approach adapted based on the criticality of a part’s function. This helps to ensure predictability in the supply chain, reducing lead time and cost.