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Sustain the knowledge

DNV partners with Yara Industrial Solutions to safeguard knowledge for a sustainable future

As a leader in nitrogen and sustainable applications for industrial markets, Yara Industrial Solutions is committed to the growth of its knowledge. In 2023, the company developed a strategic partnership with DNV to manage knowledge risks associated with retirements, resignations, and dependency on scarce subject matter experts (SMEs). The successful pilot project, "Sustain the Knowledge," gained positive responses from stakeholders, leading Yara to introduce these approaches company-wide.

Comprehensive knowledge retention toolkit

DNV introduced Yara Industrial Solutions to a comprehensive knowledge retention toolkit, proven successful in various scenarios, covering staff roles and asset-specific knowledge. Additionally, DNV facilitated the recruitment, training, and coaching of a cohort of facilitators who conducted a successful pilot program for knowledge transfer sessions in different business units.

Recognizing facilitators in graduation celebration

The project concluded with a celebration ceremony where facilitators shared insights and were awarded certificates of completion from DNV. Participants provided positive feedback, emphasizing the value of structured processes for sharing knowledge: “I think this is an excellent opportunity for the SME's to "shine" and to be able to share the wealth of knowledge they have. Often the willingness to share is high, but there may not be an immediate receiver, nor any structured process around how to share this knowledge. Now we have that.”

DNV's knowledge management approach across sectors

DNV's structured approaches to knowledge management for people, assets, departments and projects have not only supported corporate organizations in the energy sector, but also benefited charities, public agencies, government departments, and international agencies. For more information, please contact Eelco Kruizinga.

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Figure 1: key characteristics of a knowledge management facilitator