Statement on DNV's business operations in Russia

As a result of the invasion of Ukraine, DNV decided in the beginning of March to wind down all business with Russian entities and operations in Russia. We currently do not have any business in Belarus and will not enter into new business in Belarus or with Belarusian entities.

We continue to support our colleagues in Ukraine, Russia, and elsewhere in the region as best we can under extremely difficult circumstances. 

Remi Eriksen, DNV Group President and CEO, said, “We are deeply disturbed by the invasion of Ukraine, which is inflicting terrible harm to the citizens of Ukraine and threatening peace across the region. Our top priority is the safety of our people, and we are working to ensure our employees have the support they need. We are reviewing our existing business portfolio with Russian entities and winding down all related business.” 

DNV employs three people in Ukraine, and 22 in Russia. We are supplying them with relevant support and advice. 

This statement was updated on 13.06.22