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Sonja Berlijn appointed chairperson of Division II in the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

The highly respected academy IVA has appointed DNV Business Development Manager and professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Sonja Monica Berlijn as chairperson of Division II for 2024. The IVA brings together expertise and experience from around 1,300 fellows and 250 companies to enable knowledge sharing that can contribute to a sustainable development within society.

The IVA was founded 24 October 1919, by the Swedish King Gustav V and has since then been defined as the meeting place for Sweden’s future. As the world’s oldest academy of engineering, the IVA has a rich history of making a tangible impact and building bridges between academia, business, and politics, all to support humanity’s capacity to contribute positively to society through the engineering and economic sciences.

DNV is proud to have one of our experts honored with this respected appointment and congratulate Sonja Monica Berlijn on her new role. Division II is focused on advancements within electrical engineering – a field that is crucial to the energy transition and reaching net zero by 2050. The division, which Sonja will be chairperson of, provides input to the Swedish government on strategic matters, arranges events focused on sharing knowledge on key topics, such as energy systems, cyber physical systems, industrial processes and autonomous systems, all with the aim of spreading and sharing important knowledge and innovation with the Swedish society. Through for example roundtable discussions and special projects, the division attempts to start vital conversations that can help solve societal challenges. Sonja Berlijn will take over the chairmanship from Erik Dahlquist and will be supported by Karin Byman and Ulla Sandborgh as part of her role.

Sonja Berlijn, DNV

Prof. Sonja Monica Berlijn,
Business Development Manager, DNV

“I am very honored that the members of Division II have given me their trust to lead the division. I hope I can continue to enable the sharing of the vast knowledge available within Division II and engage the community in debates on how to solve societal challenges, particularly in relation to the energy transition,” explained prof. Sonja Monica Berlijn, Business Development Manager, DNV.

“IVA as an academy depends on its members and without engaged members, the work that the academy would like to participate in is impossible. Therefore, it is very valuable for IVA that Sonja with her expertise and broad experience within electrical power systems would like to engage in IVA both in the leadership of the division for electrical engineering and with her technical expertise in the different activities that IVA is working with,” concluded Karin Byman, Theme Leader on climate, resources and energy and Secretary Division II, IVA.

DNV wishes Sonja well in the role as chairperson and looks forward to seeing her contribute to IVA and the energy transition.